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Our North County location in Florissant specializes in helping people recover from auto accident injuries. P.R.I.M.E. Health Centers North is here to help you with both the obvious and hidden injuries that can result from car crashes from serious accidents to fender benders. 

Common Auto Accident Injuries

The most common injuries from car accidents are back and neck injuries. This includes injuries that are immediately obvious and injuries that may not be noticeable for days or weeks following an accident.

Herniated or Slipped Disks

Disks are cushions between your vertebrae, they provide space between bones and keep the pressure off your spinal cord. A slipped disk occurs when the disk is pushed out of position. A herniated disk is a rupture of the disk which causes the inner cartilage to protrude from the disk. Symptoms of disk injury include numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain in the back, arms or legs.

Spinal Fracture

Spinal fractures have the same list of symptoms as disc injuries, but your doctor can help diagnose the cause of your symptoms. In the case of fractures, the damage is done to the bones in your spine and will show up on an X-ray. 

Facet Joint Injuries

Facet joints work with your disks to help you move and support your weight. They are full of nerves, which means injuries to them cause a lot of pain. The most common sign that you have this type of injury is muscle spasms at the area of injury.


Auto Injuries that aren't Obvious Immediately

The following injuries are common but may not be noticeable until a few days after your accident and may become worse weeks after your accident. You have 72-hours after an accident to get documentation from a doctor that you have injuries caused by the accident. This is why you should go in for an evaluation after an accident, even if you feel fine.


This is the most common injury and is caused by the body being violently and suddenly jerky forward or backward. Symptoms of whiplash may include pain or stiffness in the back or neck, dizziness, blurred vision, headache, and fatigue.

If you have any of these symptoms following a crash it is important to go to a doctor immediately to assess and treat the damage. Don't wait to see if it will clear up on its own, this could cause further damage and will make it more difficult for you to prove the injury was the result of the car accident for an insurance claim.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Symptoms of soft tissue injury include stiffness, swelling, and mild to extreme pain. These are injuries to muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding your vertebrae. The accident may have stretched or torn these tissues. 

How a Chiropractor Can Help with Your Auto Accident Injury

Chiropractors specialize in musculoskeletal and nerve systems in your body. Because of this, they are experts in the proper alignment of the spinal column. They can not only diagnose a slipped disk but can work with the spine to push the disk back into the proper position. Keeping your spine properly aligned while healing from your injuries will prevent future complications and ensure you heal properly.

At P.R.I.M.E. Health Centers North in Florissant chiropractors are an important part of our team to treat auto-accidents. We also have medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists on our team who all work together to provide you with the care you need to fully recover from your auto accident injury. It is crucially important that you call our 24-hour auto accident hotline 636-698-5530 so you can get documentation of diagnosis within 72 hours of your injury. 

You can find us at 18 Grandview Plaza Shopping Ctr, Florissant, Missouri 63033, United States

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